The Inkwell Theater | "Trochilidae" LAB Reading
Created 30-Oct-13
21 photos

The Inkwell Theater Development LAB presents
"Trochilidae" - A Staged Reading
By Meghan Brown
Directed by Tommy Dunn
Featuring: Alexandra Grossi, Dasha Flynn, Stephen Sullivan, Steven J. Pershing

All photos by Kate Compton
Trochilidae 1Trochilidae 2Trochilidae 3Trochilidae 4Trochilidae 5Trochilidae 6Trochilidae 7Trochilidae 8Trochilidae 9Trochilidae 10Trochilidae 11Trochilidae 12Trochilidae 13Trochilidae 14Trochilidae 15Trochilidae 16Trochilidae 17Trochilidae 18Trochilidae 19Trochilidae 20